Friday, 21 April 2017

The German Malaise

I woke up this morning to the news That Angela Merkel had recaptured the lead in German state elections.  Her Christian Democratic Union party won 40.7% of the vote in Sarland, a small state on the French border.

The result of three generations of anti-german propaganda.

The reason for the overwhelming joy of this melee, is the unexpected size of the victory for Angela Merkel, 40.7%.  Particularly in view of a perceived threat from the "populist" AfD, after Ms Merkel she was soundly beaten last year in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

Incredibly, a surge in populist sentiment is portrayed as a source of fear and trepidation.  The mainstream media presents “Populist” as if this is something to be feared.  A popular government in a democratic society?  Surely to God that is the very definition and essence of democracy!
But no, populist is now imbued with a different meaning; if a set of political ideals appeal to large numbers of people and if those ideas appeal because they promote self-worth, national pride, security and prosperity for the people, then they are to be viewed with suspicion.  It seems that anything that appeals to virtues of German identity is dangerous… Interesting.  It doesn’t take much digging along this line of thought to come to the same old tired rhetoric.  The War, the Holocaust. After seventy years it seems that the only thing that will placate the blood lust of the victors is the total elimination of the German people. Their blood, their history and their achievements. And when it is done, they will be replaced in history by fabricated tales of despicable and murderous “Nazis”. The heart of Europe will finally have been ripped out and extinguished.

Too melodramatic? Very few Europeans appreciate the gravity of the situation or the magnitude of the task ahead.

Regarding that task, we should take it easy on the German people who yet remain.  I have seen since the Muslim invasion started many comments lambasting German manhood for failing to stand up for themselves or their women.

The dynamics of human psychology can be extended from the individual to the nation-state. That being the case it is possible to individualize the German tragedy down to the experience of one single individual, a woman as often countries are represented.

This is a woman that has experienced the ecstasy of love in the flowering of her youth.  The exhilaration of victory and the tragedy of defeat.
This woman is Germany now, confined,  repeatedly raped, and beaten starved and tortured, she is indoctrinated against herself and her family, strange techniques of abuse are practiced on her. She is treated as less than human. Not allowed to die, she craves only for the pain to end. But the victors, her captors will not let her die, the cycle goes on for years, mental torture and denigrating propaganda continue to the point where the thought of herself revolts her.  Those that she once loved and cherished make her vomit.

In quiet moments in her cell she is left to ponder the reason for her existence, she can no longer fathom how or why her foul and meaningless form ever came into existence. She is of course completely mad by now.

Then one day seventy years have passed, the door opens, and a bright young thing strides in, “hey get up! Why don’t you defend yourself?”. “You're so gutless, you should stand up to these goons”. And finally ”You make me sick, you’re pathetic”, and the bright young thing turns around and walks out the door.

She lies there on the floor, prostrate and weak, another mind game is over, she tries to die but can't.

The correct way to try and help someone in this state is not to try and goad them into a positive response. They are way too far gone for that, they will simply agree with all the abuses you hurl at them.  To all the internet smart arses that hurl abuses at the German people I say, what response would you give to the woman I described?

Björn Höcke of the Afd party made a speech recently in which he criticised the way Germany constantly remembers the Holocaust, and teaches it’s children that German history is “something rotten and ridiculous”. He described the German state of mind as that of “a brutally beaten people”.
The response from mainstream political parties was predictable, “neo-Nazi”, “unspeakable.”, “the AfD…must apologise to our Jewish friends.”

There are reports that the Alternative for Germany party has lost a third of its support. However, they are still polling at 8%, enough to win seats in the Bundestag in the September 17 General Election.  If their support holds.

This weekend the AfD are holdingt their party conference in Cologne.   The city is expecting 50000 German citizens to turn up to protest and disrupt and try to shut down the conference of the only political party in Germany that is fighting for the rights of Germans to be German, to secure their borders and resurrect their culture and give them a future worth having. But 50000 protesters and left wing(read communist useful idiots) extremists will attempt to shut down the conference!  

It is obvious from the preceding that Germany is culturally sick, and it’s terminal. I have to conclude that if anyone is going to save Germany it in not going to be the Germans. Someone else is going to have to stand up and give this sick, betrayed and broken woman the help, understanding and yes love she needs to make the heart of Europe beat again.



Sunday, 16 April 2017

Popular media support for large scale immigration

In the case of much of the reporting, it is unlikely that there is a deliberate conspiracy.  The problem is the mindset. The media and the government is a sealed environment of liberal ideology, they are simply not capable of thinking in racial terms, and they have a very thin notion of what constitutes a country, particularly their own country. The disdain they feel for their own people is subconscious; they do not think in terms of their own “people”. That, in their arrogant ideological superiority, is beneath them,  in their conception, they belong to a superior and more highly evolved collective of “Humanity” and that is a dangerous delusion.

Nigel Lata is a popular TV personality in New Zealand who presents as being a reliable and trustworthy source due to his qualifications and background in Psychology.  In 2016  he produced an article in promoting the virtues of immigration.

Among the torrent of anti-white bias and racial ignorance was this gem of Orwellian Newspeak;
“People are worried about immigrants driving up the demand for housing but the truth is the levels of migrants coming to New Zealand has been stable for the last ten years (its just less kiwis are leaving and more kiwis are coming back), and we also need migrants to come and help build all of the houses we need. We're not going to fix the housing crisis by shutting out all the high skilled people we need to grow our economy.”
  1. Immigration has most definitely NOT been stable over the last ten years, see graph below.
  2. “…we also need migrants to come and help build all of the houses we need.” Houses we need for the migrants..! This is self-defeating circular logic. If we did not have the migrants, we would not need the houses. Obviously.
  3. “We're not going to fix the housing crisis by shutting out all the high skilled people we need to grow our economy”. Neither will it be fixed by opening the door to thousands of Indian and Asian migrants, most of whom are not qualified, not experienced, are not builders and will in no way be able to help solve the housing crisis that they themselves create by being here.  Mr Latter talks as if anyone can turn up from the punjab with hammer in hand and start building New Zealand houses. There are very specific New Zealand building codes and standards that have to be worked to. Builders in NZ have to go through a four-year apprenticeship before they are qualified to work unattended.
Net NZ Population Growth

Mr Latta’s statement also makes several false assumptions about the NZ economy
  1. “we need to grow our economy”.  This is a deeper and more complex subject but it is by no means certain that constant increases in GDP  are the only indicator of a functioning and sustainable society.
  2. “…shutting out all the high skilled people we need to grow our economy."  He seems to believe  India and China are the only sources of highly skilled people. White Europeans built western civilisation and everything in it, from the art, philosophy music and architecture, to the science and technology that the world enjoys today. New Zealand has long been known for punching above its weight in individual brilliance and technical achievement, If there is a country that needs an influx of “highly skilled people” it is India, not New Zealand.
  3. Is focussing on growing the economy going to fix the housing crisis? Not necessarily.

As it is the New Zealand economy is not only growing; it is boiling. According to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, we have an immigration-driven economy.

  • "The growth outlook remains positive, supported by on-going accommodative monetary policy, strong population growth, and high levels of household spending and construction activity." RBNZ
  • "Economic growth in New Zealand has increased as expected and is steadily drawing on spare resources.  The outlook remains positive, supported by ongoing accommodative monetary policy, strong population growth, increased household spending and rising construction activity." RBNZ
  • "Strong net migration has lifted population growth to around 2 per cent over the last year, which means that per capita GDP growth has slowed to not much more than zero." Westpac senior economist Michael Gordon
  • "Economic growth has slowed to a rate not much more than population growth, which tells you that, beneath the surface, productivity is falling," Ebert. BNZ Economist

We have a lopsided economy that is booming in the immigration sector but still requires propping up with a historically low OCR of 1.75 % to provide stimulation for the tradeable sector.

Economically the New Zealand government has backed itself into a corner with immigration. Turn off the immigration tap and the economy will tank. Or keep it wide open and continue to hollow out the country from the inside.  Either way, the prognosis is not good.  The glib simplistic attitude of the government is summed up in this statement from our prime minister;

"In the longer term, we build our economy around people and more of them in New Zealand is a good thing." B English

Still Too White

Also from in September 2016, a white demonizing article entitled “Which is New Zealand's whitest region?

“So which part of New Zealand is diversifying the fastest, and why are other parts still so homogenous?”  What is the intent behind such a loaded question?  The whites are clearly being disparaged and backed into a corner where they can not defend themselves for fear of the dreaded “R” word. “But why is it still so white today?”  The writer of this article Laura McQuillan obviously feels at liberty to make openly racist statements against Whites. Just replace the word white with black or Asian, and the institutionalized racism becomes obvious.

But rather than calling out the radical racist agenda, the Waimakariri District Council grovels apologetically for it’s 95% white town.

“Ayers said the council was actively encouraging ethnic diversity, both through its recruitment practices, and in a programme specifically targeting the assimilation of newcomers to the district, especially those whose first language wasn't English.”

So the council announces that it is engaging in a racist recruitment program that actively disparages the white population in favour of Asian and Indian immigrants!

Even if councils across New Zealand do want to stand up to this kind of racist bullying they will not feel at liberty to do so if they doubt the support of the communities they serve.  Ultimately it is up to ordinary people to stand up to this racial bullying at first it shows it's face. It is the people who have allowed this cultural rot to creep into our communities, and it is only collective action by the same people who allowed it to happen, that will succeed in driving the Anti whites out of town.


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Swedish Advantage

Ever since Donald Trump pointedly mentioned Sweden at a campaign rally in February this year, the world's critical attention has finally turned to one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries in Europe. A country also renowned for the beauty of its women. A fact not lost on the millions of single Muslim men streaming into liberal Sweden. The immigrants are fortunate indeed; the Government of Sweden gives them money, a house, and when they rape a beautiful Nordic girl, they get let off, or community service, or perhaps even put up at tax payers expense in one of the special government-run hotels!

For the majority of the population who still get their information from the six o’clock news, the idea that there is anything at all amiss in happy old Sweden will come as a complete surprise. The violence and rapes go unreported, under-reported, or are spun to blame the victim or the Swedish people themselves. However, the fourteen hundred percent increase in rapes and the uncomfortable fact that Sweden is now second only behind Lesotho as the Rape Capital of the World should really come as no surprise at all.

It may be a naive innocence or a dangerous arrogance on the part of Sweden's feminist rulers. But one has to wonder what the government thought would happen when you inject a brutal and repressive medieval theocracy into a 21st-century liberal democracy? To the honest mind, there are no surprises in Sweden, the rapes, the riots, the attitude of entitlement and even conquest, so evident in the behaviour of these immigrants is explained by understanding the culture from which they came, and the religion they follow.

Yet, the liberal mindset is shackled to an ideology that brooks no dissent. And no amount of blood, rape and death will shake them free of the mental chains that bind them.

Over recent years Sweden’s population has rapidly increased to 10 million, almost all of that increase due to non-European immigration. Ethnic Swede's still comprise 77% of the population, but that figure masks the problem of white displacement and ghettoisation of Muslim communities.  Whole areas becoming no-go areas for Ethnic Swedes and police alike.

The Swedish policy of Multiculturalism adopted in 1975 has resulted in the arrival of hundreds of thousands of single men from the Muslim middle east and north Africa. One wonders what the architects of this disaster expected these men to do when confronted by thousands of beautiful, sexy, liberated Swedish girls?

The facts beg the question; did they know? In which case we are witnessing a deliberate genocide.  Or are they true believers who are genuinely surprised the Muslims are not behaving themselves! In my opinion, the answer is both. At the heart of the EU project is the policy of population replacement. This is a foundational principle as proposed by Richard Kalergy in 1925.  The implementation of said plan requires a central cadre of ideological purists, supported by an army of true believers who compose a clean sweep of all European governments; otherwise known as The Establishment. The central doctrine is subsumed into cultural Marxist/ liberal ideology and finds expression in progressive multiculturalism. Carried along by a seductive intellectualism, the useful idiots may or may not have a clue as to the true nature and purpose of the policies they support, but they support them anyway, taking whatever short term pleasure they can from the adulation of the damned.

Without discrimination, there can be no such thing as Swedish citizenship. To be ideologically consistent, Sweden must abandon all pretence to sovereignty.  The concept of Nationhood requires discrimination, and on what basis are you going to discriminate, if not race?  The maintenance of contradictory ideas requires an exercise of doublethink to maintain the pretext of a sovereign nation, while at the same time asserting, like Angela Merkel, that all that is required to become Swedish is your arrival on Swedish soil. Yes, of course, the liberal state maintains they asses all asylum applications and only accept those that “qualify”.  In 2015 there were 160000 applications, in 2016 there were 160000 qualifying asylum seekers. What is the point of a vetting process when all are accepted?    

Information on the European Migrant Crisis is freely available on the web for those with an interest to look.  They report the number of arrivals as if they just magically materialised on the beach. In the case of Sweeden, ten thousand a week!  We are expected not to ask who provided the funds to support the refugees on their travels, or who arranged the transport. Or why they were not checked when they entered Europe. Somewhere behind all this there are people with the power to stop it, or to make it happen. On the 24th November 2015 the Guardian reported that in response to Sweden's tightening of border controls an “unnamed UN official” had commented, "The last bastion of humanitarianism has fallen". Why would anyone make such a patently false statement? And why would the United Nations be so keen to see Sweeden completely overwhelmed by foreign invaders?

And the "tightening of rules"  in June 2016, simply means the application of rules that any sensible country would normally use to check who is coming into their country.   Even then, if an applicant can produce a passport, they can still get a temporary Visa, and can still apply to bring over family.  Rules that are still liberal, although now, not quite in the category of Stupid as they used to be. What the rule changes highlight is the amazing  lack of any form of controle that existed before. Apparently applicants were entitled to accomidation and a daily allowance on arrival. Rule Changes.

The cultural catastrophe unfolding in Sweden is not unique in the white world. The same story of White racial replacement is taking place in all white countries at the same time.  This is a cultur war, it's racial, and we're losing.

This is a war of information and narrative, and while Trump delivered Whites a win simply by mentioning Sweden, there are many countries that do not get a mention on YouTube, let alone in the mainstream media.

One such country is New Zealand, and in this writer's view, when compared to the situation in my country, Sweden has been presented with a huge long-term strategic advantage. Areas of Sweden are being overrun by Muslims who have no intent of being Swedish; to them, that is a ridiculous concept that deserves only derision and contempt!  Why would they have any interest in “integrating with” or becoming “like” a people who have no values, no culture and do not even believe they are a race. A People who sacrifice their women without a fight and then make excuses for their inaction. The Islamic world sees only a defenceless jewel lying prostrate before the Islamic caliphate. Our liberal rulers see the world through a feminist worldview and will not see the world as it is. This is a catastrophic miss reading of reality and will directly result in the death of a nation and a people.

In the real world, respect occurs in response to a demonstration of strength and integrity, true on a personal, and national level. If the people have no self-respect then to expect respect at the state level is futile indeed. Basically, if a people can not demonstrate self-respect, then they should expect none in return.

This is harsh criticism indeed, but in as far as it applies to Sweden it also applies to European civilization as a whole.

The Muslim New Swedes see themselves quite clearly as an invading army who’s duty it is to conquer and subjugate the native population.   Their goal is the establishment of an Islamic caliphate and the subjugation of the native population. And we can take that as meaning the extinction of the Swedish people.

To an extent, there is a degree of liberal Swedish arrogance in that they thought they could debase themselves on the world stage in an orgy of pathological virtue signaling; declare that they were nothing but barbarians with no culture or race. Throw open the borders and then expect to suffer no ill effects as a result of their embarrassing self-negation.

However, the Islamic Jihad on the European race, their violence, the rioting and the rapes, have put Sweden at a strategic advantage in the existential struggle for survival when compared to your white cousins in New Zealand.

You see down here at the bottom of the world. The racial displacement of White New Zealanders has continued rapidly, clinically and quietly.
Our National Government is every bit as Liberal and globalist as the feminist monsters in Stockholm. But under eight years of our Jewish prime minister John Key our immigration numbers went up from 15000,p/a to 125000p/a, not including refugees! And this in a country of only four and a half million.

Due to our lower population and the high number of immigrants, we are being replaced three times faster than the British. The trick to our soft and quiet genocide is in the type of immigrants they bring here. Predominantly Indian and Asian, they move in, keep to themselves and quietly displace us from our own cities. Diversity is a myth, it simply means no Whites.

Like the Muslims, they have no interest at all in the stupid liberal unspeak of integration and assimilation,- not that we want them to of course. We all know full well that integration means nothing more than Asian immigrants sleeping with our daughters. The liberal concepts of multiculturalism, diversity, and integration are suicidal policies that will destroy the country and genocide the people.

It may sound absurd to speak of the Sweedish experience of Islamic immigration as having an advantage over the quiet and peaceful displacement we have experienced in New Zealand. But regarding the practical outcome, it makes no difference whether they come with smiles or scimitars, the result is always the same, no White people.  The violence that has been perpetrated against the beautiful, innocent simpletons of the north has drawn international attention and been the catalyst for the formation of resistance groups all across Scandinavia.

But that has not been the case in New Zealand. Without a word being uttered, our largest city has been completely overrun by Asians and Indians. There are no accurate, up-to-date government figures on the demographics of Auckland available, but anecdotally the White European population of our largest city is down to around 20 percent, with some neighbourhoods being completely non-white. Once again the liberal wet dream of a multicultural paradise is proven to be just another word for white genocide.

And in New Zealand silence on the issue reigns supreme. Absolutely not a word is uttered in any media, radio or on-line about the rapid displacement of traditional New Zealanders from their own towns and cities. The reasons proffered by the government for the massive influx of "new arrivals" is the usual raft of fallacious imaginings.   "we need the skills they bring with them", "we need more people to drive the economy", "we have an obligation"...  All of this is rubbish, we still have a massive skills shortage in industry, a serious housing crisis that the government pretends has nothing to do with immigration, and the only obligation any government has is to the people who elected them, period.

Now Auckland is the motherload, and the government's plan is to push immigrants out from there into the smaller towns and provinces all over our country. Completely, irreversibly and unnecessarily upsetting the cultural balance in every part of our country.  I have laid out some fairly strong criticism in this piece, of the people and government of Sweden but I hold back nothing when I speak of my own people. I  know one thing about my own people, and that is that they are no better and in the face of this creeping cultural cancer they will do nothing but demonstrate their pathetic spineless apathy in the face of the weakest of all weapons, "oh so you're a racist are you ?" To which the sane racially aware white man may respond, "of course I'm a racist! What's the matter with that? Do you not love your own people? If your not a racist there's something wrong with you!"

To speak truth in the face of overwhelming deceit is an exhilarating experience.

We are standing right now on the cusp of history, an inflexion point in the passage of time, right now it is entirely possible that we could lose everything and disappear forever and all we have to do, is nothing.  But our enemy is thin, he is out of ammo and he is relying only on our own fear and cowardice.  He is literally relying on us just walking off the stage of history because if we don't he has nothing left to fight with.

Is it possible for the Swedish people to simply accept defeat?  For Swedish women and girls to simply accept the practice of rape in their new Swedish society; the New Sweden, a progressive multicultural wonderland?  What mode of existence would Swedish men have to accept? In Orwellian Newspeak, it is the New Swedes that define the social contract. Swedish men must accept as the new normal that their wives and daughters must make themselves available for “welcome sex” with the new Swedes upon arrival. A cultural practice that is celebrated as a liberating act of union to welcome into the bosom of our people the New Swedes that have traveled so far and waited so long.

Does this sound like a perverted sex novel? We already have on record the Sweedish prime minister declaring that Sweden belongs to the New Swedes.  That the Swedes themselves are barbarians, and the courts make it clear there are no consequences for the rape of the natives. So now if Sweden no longer belongs to the Old Swedes, then it is their moral duty to hand it over!

The stark reality of a very dark future must be made abundantly clear. And the choice laid bare. You, and we together, either stand and fight or accept a future as oppressed minorities in what was once our own country. I write this with not just Sweden in mind but my own country and all White lands as well.  Fighting can take many forms, it may be as simple as voting for a National Socialist party. Or it may mean moving to a new area and establishing a new White Ethno-State.  Or, worst case scenario it may mean actual war to rid the country of invaders.

Not making a choice is not an option. To do nothing is a choice for defeat.

These realities have been made more real to the people of Sweden, in my own New Zealand, White separation is already taking place as we move out of our cities and into the provinces. But our people are too scared to even think about having a racial consciousness.  They make excuses; they always find some politically correct way to justify moving out of a racially infested area.  There is no honesty because there is no courage.

The Swedish advantage of which I speak is that the brutal reality of multiculturalism has begun to break the bubble of political correctness. There are groups like Order 15 and Nordic Resistance openly talking about White separatism. In NZ there is no such groundswell of public consciousness.  Politically, the Sweden Democrats have re-defined the political spectrum, according to one poll, moving into first place at 23.9%, setting Sweden up for a major power shift in the 2018 general election.

By contrast, New Zealand’s political spectrum is wall to wall liberals. With only the occasional counter comment from the lone voice of Winston Peters, leader of NZ First. Nationalist groups like the NZ National Front arrive once a year on the steps of parliament to wave the flag and then retire into the background.
In the absence of a clear and present danger, it falls to lone activists to speak out, post flyers and otherwise roll in sackcloth and ashes in an attempt to wake the dead.

I believe there will be those who will survive and establish on this earth a homeland for white people, that there will be a global gathering, maybe in Harold Covington's North American Republic or maybe in whatever territory the Nordic Resistance can carve out for itself from what remains of Scandinavia. I don’t know, but I do know that Sweden has been given a head start and that someday after the dust has settled from the coming conflagration, I may yet find a place in the land of the Vikings.